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Welcome to Roadships.US, Inc.

Future Highways

Roadships.US is an emergent company in the short-sea and ground freight industry. Actively seeking to propel to the forefront of establishing Marine Highways in the United States of America, Australia and Europe.

Road and Rail

Both road and rail freight corridors have reached or exceeded capacity in most countries and logistics companies worldwide need an alternative to the current rail and highway system that is capable of complementing the existing modes and adding needed capacity.

Operation Synergy

Operating through its wholly owned subsidiaries in the United States and Australia. We have acquired several domestic and foreign subsidiaries to facilitate our entry into these markets. In the United States, Roadships Acquisitions US, Inc. is our subsidiary designated to identify and act upon synergistic acquisition targets in North America.

"Door to Door, by Shore"

Innovative short-sea and ground freight transportation.

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A Green World

In coalition with STX marine, Roadships will reduce the environmental impact of maritime commercial shipping by utilizing Liquid Natural Gas as an alternative to diesel fuel.

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Our Mission at Roadships.US

Actively seeking to establish the forefront of Marine Highways in the United States of America, Australia and Europe.

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What you get with Roadships.US

The Roadships America vessel is the latest development of the HS concept using a hull form derived from the model test program that allows the use of high output medium speed diesel engines to achieve the service speed of 30 knots.

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